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Slavery: Home

Snapshot in History

Abolitionist Sojourner Truth

Image from NYPL


This guide was created for Ms. Gallo's English XII class: Bondage & Freedom, and will help you find books, articles, and primary sources. 

Sample topics (from the class assignment sheet): 

  • Runaway Slave Advertisements
  • Slave Auctions
  • Slave Ships/The Middle Passage
  • Abolitionist Meetings/Speeches
  • Abolitionist Pamphlets or Newspapers
  • A Famous Abolitionist (e.g. William Llyod Garrison)
  • A Slave Narrative that we didn’t read (e.g. William Wells Brown’s)
  • An important court decision or law (e.g. Dred Scott, the Fugitive Slave Act)
  • Folk art, music, or any aspect of slave culture
  • An escape from slavery (one man actually mailed himself to freedom)
  • The American Colonization Society (ACS)