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Humanities: Curator's Choice: Home

Inspiration from the Met


Possible Topics

  1. Art of Ritual and/or Worship
  2. Sacred Spaces (tombs, temples, monasteries, etc...)
  3. Medieval Gardens
  4. Death and the Afterlife
  5. The Narrative in Art
  6. Decorative Pieces/Luxury Goods
  7. “In the year________”
  8. Figure Representations
  9. Animal Imagery and/or Mythical Creatures
  10. Art in its Original Location
  11. Materials/ Resources
  12. Technique
  13. Daily Life
  14. Roman Villas
  15. Illuminated manuscripts
  16. Representations of Different Classes/Ages/Genders/Ethnicities
  17. Text and Image (Writing and Art)
  18. Transitional Works
  19. Early Christian Art
  20. Images of War and/or Arms/Armor
  21. Recreation and Leisure  (including dance, theater, athletics)
  22. God(s) and Goddesses
  23. Literature and Art
  24. Art as Propaganda
  25. Cultural Exchange and Trade
  26. The Hero in Art
  27. Representations of Nature
  28. Symbolism and Art
  29. Power and Authority
  30. OTHER

Art Medium

Free-standing Sculpture, Relief Sculpture, Wall Painting, Mosaic, Ceramics/Tile, Glassware, Tapestry, Etc. And so many different materials to consider!