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Humanities- Ancient Near East & Early Islam: Home

Must have at least:

1 book (an actual book, not from Googlebooks)

1 encyclopedia

1 web site

Abbasid Coin

Abbasid gold dinar, minted in 750


Paper Topics

1. The development of the Sumerian irrigation system
2. The legal Code of Hammurabi
3. Muhammad’s Hijrah to the town of Yathrib (Medina)
4. Bedouin culture in the Arabian Peninsula
5. The emergence of the caliphate after Muhammad’s death
6. The battle of Tours
7. The Shi’a rejection of Umayyad rule
8. The introduction of a single currency under the Abbasid Caliphate
9. The construction of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad
10. Scientific and medical advancements in a specific moment, within this era and region
11. The leadership of Saladin in the Crusades
12. An Ancient Near East or Early Islamic Topic of your choice, with teacher approval