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Snapshot in History

Colonists in New York City Raise the American Flag November 25, 1783

Source: Library of Congress.  Prints and Photographs Division.  Popular Graphic Arts Collection. 


Topic: A U.S. history topic of your choice, from 1609 through 1995.

Format: Your paper is to be 3-5 pages long. Your project will be driven by your research question, which you will answer with your thesis, and you will be expected to investigate both substantial primary sources (documents, images, witnesses) and consult secondary (scholarly) sources as well.  

Citing: All papers must include in-text parenthetical citations, following MLA format (click the "Citing" tab above). Use EasyBib to create a project that contains all your citations, this will make for an easy "works cited" list later! Remember to cite all images and media.